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We are a family run business with BIG aspirations of helping anyone out there who suffers from Eczema, or Allergies. . .

Our inspiration to start the Organic Eczema Shop came from our own personal experiences with eczema and allergies. The 'triad' of eczema, asthma & allergies runs through both sides of our family, so when our daughter started getting skin rashes at 10 months of age we knew she probably had picked up eczema genetically. At that stage we thought we could treat it with a little cream and her skin would clear up. But her rashes got worse, as we introduced more solid foods into her diet. And because of the timing with the introduction of solid food and her skin worsening I began to wonder if it was also caused by something she was eating. She would often show up with a rash around her mouth after eating certain foods, like watermelon or icecream, and so I started to avoid those foods in her diet. I had heard of children having food allergies & food intolerances before, but I never invisioned that happening to us.

So . . slightly in denial and unsure of the likeliness of the cause being food allergies, we kept trying more creams, soaps, and expensive skincare products to ease her eczema. And as many people do we went for hair sample tests through a naturopath, and then visits to the homeopath to try and get more answers. These specialists did help a little bit but the eczema still lingered, and we suffered many sleepless,  nights with our daughter scratching relentlessly at her skin, sometimes causing it to bleed. Even a short car trip would be reason for her to scratch any part of her skin that she could get to.

We kept researching and trying to find ways to improve her skin to make her more comfortable. We were learning a lot about skin conditions, but needed to find the reason why our daughter's condition was so severe. I mean, surely we wouldn't have to wet wrap her every night for the next few years . . . Not only was her skin upsetting her but she would also quite often be sick or just generally look unwell and not seem herself. My mothers instinct was telling me that something else was wrong, and I needed to figure out what it was so that our daughter could be her happly little self again. I kept looking back on research I had done which mentioned the fact that there are many people (usually babies) who suffer eczema as a result of food allergies. So since we had already tried everything else, and we suspected that food could be one of the causes, it seemed the next logical step to take would be a Skin Prick Allergy Test. We found a company called ‘Allergy Medical’ (30mins from where we live) who could fit us in for testing straight away. The results of the test showed that our daughter is allergic to peanuts, and has high sensitivities to wheat, cows milk, eggs and soy (some of the most common foods that people are likely to have a reaction to). That's when it all made sense! We were still a little shocked at the results at first, but so relieved to finally know what the problem was.

So . . now that we know to avoid those foods in her diet, and we have also adapted a completely natural daily skincare routine, her skin is actually free from eczema, and she is a much happier and healthier girl!


We apply cream liberally over her face and body both morning and night, and we are very strict with her diet. But once you have a good routine with healthy food, applying cream regularly, and using natural cleaning products around your home, you will find your condition much easier to manage long term. And don't forget . . dust mites can also irritate eczema & asthma, so make sure that you keep all carpets, rugs, cushions, stuffed toys, pillows and mattresses clean.


All the best for good health!

The Organic Eczema Team x


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A Support Network for People with Skin Conditions:

We understand that with eczema and allergies it can sometimes be very hard to pinpoint what the allergen is. It can also be very hard to find the best and most effective natural products, the true organic skincare products which aren't laden with nasty chemicals! So throughout this website we will tell you which products are the most effective, most natural, and most highly recommended by other people like yourself.  (We look forward to having a BLOG up and running very soon, so that you can chat to other people like yourself about all of these topics).


We hope you find our website to be helpful in your journey to successfully Heal, Manage & Protect your precious skin!

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We are proudly supported by the 'New Enterprise Incentive Scheme', an Australian Government initiative. With their help and support, we hope that this business will be a great service, and source of knowledge to the ever increasing community of people with allergies & skin conditions.