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Pure Coconut Oil BODY SPRAY _ comes with easy mist spray bottle for FAST hydration

Pure Coconut Oil BODY SPRAY _ comes with easy mist spray bottle for FAST hydration
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Coconut Oil is an amazing multi-tasking skincare product. I guess that's why so many women around the world love it !


    Here are a few ways you can use Coconut Oil as the ultimate multi-use Skincare product:

  • In-Shower Moisturisation

⇒ Warm the coconut oil in the microwave and decant it into your (included) spray bottle. Keep it in the shower for daily use - it will be naturally warm and liquified in the shower so you don't need to worry about it solidifying in the spray bottle.

⇒ When you have showered, brush most of the water off your skin with your hands. Then spray the coconut oil all over your body, for instant moisture and silky smooth skin! Perfect for both adults & children :-)

⇒ Your skin will feel so supple and smooth, and the divinely smelling coconut oil will also give your skin a gorgeous healthy glow!

⇒ It is super easy to add this into your daily routine!



  • Natural Makeup Remover

⇒ Coconut Oil makes a FANTASTIC eye makeup remover! And it's natural!

⇒ Apply a small amount of coconut oil onto a cotton pad, then gently wipe your entire face, and over and around your eyes to remove makeup. 

⇒ You can use a dob of coconut oil on a cotton tip to get closer in to the eye area. I use this method to remove my eyeliner, and now I wouldn't use ANYTHING else!

⇒ Coconut oil will keep your lashes looking lush and healthy too!



  • Kids Bath Emolient (to stop their skin from drying out in the bath while they play) 

⇒ Add 1bsp of Coconut Oil into your childrens bath, and it keeps them moisturised, so they can play without you worrying about their skin drying out!

⇒ Coconut oil has antibacterial & antimicrobial properties, so it can help with little urinary tract infections or rashes children get from time to time. 

⇒ Their skin will feel beautiful afterwards, and it doesn't matter if they swallow some bath water because this coconut oil is 100% natural. See our store for natural Body Washes for Kids also 


  • Hair Treatment

⇒ Would you like Shiny, Silky Hair using all natural organic ingredients?

⇒ Put a generous dob of coconut oil into your hands, rub your hands together to warm the oil, then apply it onto dry hair. Work it from the roots all the way through the hair shaft, and leave it on for as long as you can.

⇒ You can also just apply it onto your ends if they're a bit dry and unruly. Then rinse the oil off and shampoo your hair as usual. This works out to be a very cheap hair treatment, because a little bit of oil goes a looong way!!



 We provide a clear Spray Bottle to pour your coconut oil into, which makes it really easy to use.

2 - 4 sprays is usually enough for a hair treatment.


Short on time?? Why not keep it in the shower,

then you can spray it onto your hair and leave it in as a treatment while you shave your arms & legs.

GRAB IT TODAY, for a faster Bathroom Routine and Instantly Glowing Skin !







We are 100% Australian, Eco-conscious and Organic. It's easy to buy organic extra virgin coconut oil online from The Organic Eczema Shop. And we have many other coconut oil moisturizing lotions, and organic products which you may be interested in, so please have a browse in our Store.

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